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8 Defenses to Defuse the Ticking Time Bombs in Your Law Practice

Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: ALA Legal Marketplace
By: Tom Lambotte, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BobaGuard

Let’s be honest, while most small to mid-size law firms acknowledge the threat of cybersecurity, most continually fail to meet their practical obligations to protect their client and business data adequately, primarily due to a lack of time and resources. Did you know that according to the ABA TechReport, one in three firms has suffered a data breach? Firms administrators, IT managers, and managing partners are losing far too much sleep over this. And if they are not, they should be.

Have you ever sat through a cybersecurity presentation from an enterprise-level consultant lofting fifty-cent words that mean nothing to you? If so, you likely left with more fear and less clarity on how to address the threat posed by cybercriminals hellbent on breaching your law firm.

In this practical “how to” webinar, you will learn the most effective and modern cybersecurity solutions that the most cyber-ready small and mid-size firms are leveraging to stop cybercriminals and protect their vital client data.

If you are a managing partner, firm administrator, or in-house IT, you will learn how to add massive protection in the least amount of time possible and for surprisingly reasonable costs. Most importantly, you will walk away with actionable steps to mitigate the risks you are currently exposed to. All this will be provided in terms so simple you will be able to explain them to your neighbors.

Join us for this webcast and:

  • find out where your law firm is exposed and at risk
  • see how you compare against best-in-class law firms
  • learn how cybercriminals are attempting to hack your firm today
  • learn why managing partners, firm administrators, or in-house IT continually fail to implement reasonable security measures
  • identify the latest cybersecurity solutions you must implement to protect your law firm


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Tom Lambotte
Tom Lambotte

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BobaGuard

Leading cybersecurity authority Tom Lambotte is the founder and chief executive officer of Ohio-based BobaGuard, a preeminent name in the fight to keep law-firm client data and work product safe from cybercriminals.

Tom is coveted as a speaker at industry events, such as the American Bar Association’s Techshow and MacTrack Legal. He often shares his insights at ABA-sponsored CLE events and has authored 3 books, the most recent, Macs in Law, published by the American Bar Association.

Additionally, Tom’s cutting-edge ideas have gained attention and traction through his articles in ABA Law Practice Today, Law Practice Magazine, Legal Talk Network, Michigan Bar Journal, Attorney at Work, Legal Productivity, and other prestigious periodicals. Lambotte is also the founder and chief executive officer of GlobalMac IT, a provider of managed services for small Mac-based law firms throughout the US. Tom and his wife live in Chardon, OH with their four adopted children, mother-in-law, 2 dogs, and a bunny named Flop-Flop.


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