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The Dedicated Service Model Isn’t Dead: How a Call Center in Travel Costs Your Firm

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: ALA Legal Marketplace
By: DeAnne Dale, SVP Global Strategy & Consulting, Reed & Mackay and Amanda Brophy, Operational Team Lead, Reed & Mackay

Does your travel management company focus more on saving your firm money? Or on the cheapest way to operate their business?

Utilizing a call center approach to service is more efficient and money saving process for the travel management company. A dedicated model saves the client money, while prioritizing the needs of their travelers and travel bookers above all else.

Join this webcast and find out:

  • The benefits of the dedicated service model
  • What a service-oriented travel program should include
  • About real-life traveler experiences from the perspective of a travel consultant
  • What questions you should ask in an RFP for a travel management company


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DeAnne Dale
DeAnne Dale

SVP Global Strategy & Consulting, Reed & Mackay

DeAnne Dale is SVP of Global Strategy & Consulting and has been with Reed & Mackay for 7 years. She has 29 years corporate travel experience holding various executive positions including Global Travel Manager with ABN AMRO Bank, Executive Management Consulting firms such as Partnership Travel Consulting and executive roles at Travelocity Business overseeing Global Sales, Account Management and Consulting, and CSO at Short's Travel.

Amanda Brophy
Amanda Brophy

Operational Team Lead, Reed & Mackay

Amanda Brophy is an Operational Team Lead and has been with Reed & Mackay for four years. She has had over 20 years corporate travel experience, including on a law desk, with a strong focus on customer service. She has worked in several aspects of travel and has a vast knowledge of operational expertise.


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