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AI & Cybersecurity: Data Privacy and Compliance for Law Firms

Monday, May 15, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: ALA Legal Marketplace
By: Tom Tollerton, Principal, Cybersecurity Advisory, FORVIS and Douglas Jambor, Director, Cybersecurity Advisory Technical Services, FORVIS

This webinar will address how law firms should respond to the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape around compliance and data privacy, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) threats, and what this looks like from threat actors' perspectives.

During this webinar, FORVIS will walk you through the current threat landscape, where the threat landscape is headed, data privacy and compliance concerns, along with examples of AI-generated malware and ChatGPT-generated scams. FORVIS will also discuss how AI is currently being used to defend against these new threats and how this impacts law firms' overall security posture.


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Tom Tollerton
Tom Tollerton

Principal, Cybersecurity Advisory, FORVIS

Tom has more than 18 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and leads the firm’s cybersecurity and data privacy compliance services. He specializes in large enterprise cybersecurity initiatives, including risk management, data privacy, PCI compliance, and federal cybersecurity, including CMMC. Tom’s clients include organizations in the technology, retail, insurance, federal and defense contractor, and financial services industries.

Tom has been published in national publications and is a regular speaker on cybersecurity and privacy topics at various industry events.

Tom joined FORVIS, LLP in 2011. Prior to joining the firm, Tom developed and implemented cybersecurity risk and compliance solutions for a Fortune 500 defense contactor. He has also worked in an IT department for a major retail brand.

Douglas Jambor
Douglas Jambor

Director, Cybersecurity Advisory Technical Services, FORVIS

Douglas has over 17+ years of full-time penetration testing experience in the information technology field specializing in information systems security and information security risk management. He is FORVIS' cybersecurity subject leader and director over all the firm’s technical cybersecurity services that FORVIS provides to its clients.

His core services include both cloud infrastructure and on-prem network security assessments (vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and red teaming). He also leads the web application security services provided to the firm’s clients including DAST (black-box), SAST (white-box), API, and mobile application security assessments.

He has assisted many clients across various industries identify and evaluate security risks using the exact same techniques by both threat actors and advanced persistent threats (ATPs) seen in the current threat landscape. He has developed best practices for correcting and improving the overall security posture of the firm’s clients’ enterprise IT infrastructure sand architectures.